Total Insurance Solutions

360° Experience of Insurance as Insurer, Head insurance in corporate, Surveyor, Broker and Consultant

About us

Yorkshire Consultants was founded in 2014 we have 360° experience in all facets of insurance.

We have come full circle having exposed to working of Private sector in
Pre-Nationalization era, Monopoly of Public Sector  and current era of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority regime for  opening competition between Public and Private Sector players for improved services.

Claim Related Services
  1. Presentation of a claim
  2. Delayed Claim
  3. Disputed Claim
  4. Denied Claim

The Professional assistance in claims process prevents delay, dispute and denial of claim by utilizing domain expertise during presentation, negotiation and realization

Policy Related Services

1. Site Inspection and policy audit

2.  Underwriting services to assist in buying correct policy

3. Insurance Portfolio Management Services

The problem in claim starts when it is difficult to match the actual site on ground with policies and books of accounts.


Domain support
  1. We provide Domain support during arbitration  & Legal process for better results  on Insurance subject principal, practice and administrative systems

We assist in domain related matters to Clients, Intermediaries and Industry including Legal process

Knowledge Center

As domain experts we available for assistance in tailor made system building, training/ education/ mentoring  the personal for clients , insurers and intermediaries .

What we have learnt during our tenure in the Industry we intend to share it for posterity and growth of Industry