Insurance Portfolio Management

After the designing of insurance portfolio we undertake to :-

  1. Assist the management in preparing a comparison chart based on cost, covers, excess and services offered.
  2. Vetting of policy for wording, warranties and compliance to the Proposal/RFQ floated.
  3. Periodic reviews of the changes of Values/Occupation/Location/Ownership claims.
  4. Intimating changes to the insurer for keeping the policy update and adequately cover.
  5. Administration of Insurance Portfolios including adjustable policies for refunds and adequate balances.
  6. Assistance in Claim Management from Intimation to Realization.

NB:- We undertake complete outsourcing of portfolio management of insurance with total responsibility

We also act as retainer and offer Total Insurance Solution.

  1. Site Inspection And Policy

  2. Underwriting Support

  3. Insurance Portfolio Management

  4. Claim Presentation

  5. Delayed Claim

  6. Disputed Claim

  7. Denied Claim

  8. Assistance In Legal Matter

  9. Knowledge Center