Knowledge Center

With more than 38 years of experience in all facets of insurance as Insurer, Insured, Surveyor, and Broker we have completed 360° experience and acquired insight in the Industry.

Having completed full circle working in Private to Monopoly of Public Sector and current  competitive era of Liberalization set by Insurance Regulatory& Development Authority and adding of qualification we are open to sharing our domain expertise of  4 decades in Insurance Industry

We propagate our knowledge, experience and domain expertise with our team, customers and others working with intermediaries who wish to learn insurance, need clarity or need solutions to practical issues at hand.

  1. Site Inspection And Policy

  2. Underwriting Support

  3. Insurance Portfolio Management

  4. Claim Presentation

  5. Delayed Claim

  6. Disputed Claim

  7. Denied Claim

  8. Assistance In Legal Matter

  9. Knowledge Center